Unremembered is available in two full arrangements, and several suites:

--Octet (ob, e.h., perc, hrp, pno, acoustic gtr/e gtr, vln, vc + laptop)
--Chamber orchestra (ob, e.h., 2 bsn - 2 hrns - perc (3) - gtr - hrp - pno - strings (min - laptop)

The vocals for the full piece can be performed one of two ways: as a live trio (1 wide-ranged soprano (E3-B5), 1 countertenor/tenor, and 1 tenor/baritone) with pre-recorded backing vocals (in electronics); or as a live septet (2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, 1 high tenor/low counter, 1 tenor, 1 baritone). Performing as a live trio (with electronics) requires the conductor to use a click. Electronics and a guide to their use are included with score rental/purchase. 

FOUR SONGS FROM UNREMEMBERED, for soprano and orchestra plus electronics

III. The Barn
IV. The Guest
VII. The Swan
VII. The Witch

for 2 flutes (2nd dbls picc), ob/EH, 2 clar (2nd dbls bass cl.), bsn — 2 F hrs, 2 C tmps, 1 tmbn, 1 tba; 4 perc; guitar; hp; pno — soprano (E3 to B5) — strings ( — laptop (electronics). Duration 19'. Songs can be performed separately.

FIVE SONGS FROM UNREMEMBERED, for soprano and chamber octet (OR chamber orchestra) plus electronics

I. Prelude
IV. The Guest
V. The Slaughterhouse
VII. The Swan
VII. The Witch

octet: for ob., E.H., perc, acoustic/electric gtr, hrp, pno, vln, cello + soprano + laptop (electronics) 
chamber orch: ob, e.h., 2 bsn - 2 hrns - perc (3) - gtr - hrp - pno - strings (min - laptop

Duration 23'. Songs can be performed separately. 

FIVE SONGS FROM UNREMEMBERED, for soprano, tenor, and quartet plus electronics

IV. The Guest
V. The Slaughterhouse
VI. The Girl
VII. The Swan
X. The Speakers

for soprano, tenor + acoustic/electric gtr, hrp, pno, viola + laptop (electronics.) Duration: 18′. Songs can be performed separately.

SCENES FROM UNREMEMBERED, for choir and piano

IV. The Guest
IX. The River
VI. The Girl
XII. The Song
XI. The Orchard

for SSAATTBB (choir) and piano. Duration 20'. Songs can be performed separately. 


Any vocalists can perform Unremembered. Unremembered is influenced by both Western classical and vernacular (indie rock/pop/folk) traditions. Vocally, the music desires a relaxed, natural approach, drawing on aspects of both classical and vernacular performance practice without leaning too far in either direction. Depending on the vocalists, amplification of both vocalists and ensemble may be advised. 

 Padma Newsome, Shara Nova (formerly Worden), and D.M. Stith -- the vocalists who sang on the Unremembered recording -- are available to perform Unremembered. 


Unremembered (all arrangements and versions) are published by and available from G. Schirmer. For booking inquiries, please contact Curt LeClair at